Mr Abd El Salam Sharara established Utopia in January 1999 as an exclusive agent of Express and Heuber. He is considered a pioneer in the field of publishing English Language teaching course books for language schools in Egypt since 1966.

Before establishing Utopia, Mr Abd El Salam was the general manager of Sphinx publishing since 1966. All the credit goes back to him due to the expansion in business for Sphinx publishing in the Egyptian market and also the cooperation with the ministry of Education in the field of issuing English language teaching course books. He died in February 2005.

Following in his footsteps was his son Mr Hassan Abd El Salam Sharara and actually he is a worthy successor to the best predecessor.

Mr Hassan’s achievements:

  1. Raising the stuff standards by training them.
  2. Using the latest technology in managing the company.
  3. He opened new markets for Express publishing and Heuber in Egypt and the Arab world.