About Us

Utopia Egypt for publishing and distribution is an Egyptian corporation that issues, publishes and distributes German and English educational books.

Utopia Egypt is the exclusive agent for The British publisher “Express Publishing” in Egypt ,Libya and Sudan. We are also the sole agent for the German publisher Heuber in Egypt, K.S.A, Qatar, Sudan and Libya.


Utopia Egypt provides:


1. English language books taught in different stages from various British publishers.

2. English and German books for children.

3. Books for the American schools from all the American publishers.

4. Linguistic and specialized dictionaries.

5. IGCSE books.


Company’s history:


Mr. Abdelsalam Sharara is considered as a great pioneer in the field of English language books in Egypt since 1966.

Mr. Sharara was the general manager of Sphinx publishing. His great efforts contributed to the expansion of the company in the Egyptian market. He also set the foundation of a great alliance with the Egyptian ministry of education.

He established Utopia Egypt in January in 1999 as a sole agent for Express Publishing and the German publisher Heuber.

Mr. Abdelsalam Sharara passed away in February 2005.

His son Mr. Hassan Sharara followed his footsteps, since he took over the company’s management, Mr. Sharara has been very keen on training and developing the staff, in addition to utilizing the latest technologies in communication.

He also opened several new markets for the company’s publications in the Arab world.


Company’s vision:


- The company aims at providing the market with high standard English and German books.

- The company constantly arranges training workshops for the English and German teachers in Egypt and the Arab world. The company’s elite educational consultants take over the responsibility of providing these training workshops in intention of improving as well as maintaining the quality of teaching both languages.


Company’s goals:


The company aims at attaining a distinguished status in the field of training and coping with the latest in the field of publishing and distributing English and German books in Egypt and the Arab World.


Company’s clients:

Utopia Egypt is honored by dealing with the biggest libraries, schools, institutes and universities in Egypt and the Arab world. 

Why Choose Us


We deal with the biggest educational institutes in Egypt such as reputable schools, libraries. Utopia is the owner of Das Deutsch House who holds partnership with Goethe institute.

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Call us during our working hours from 10 AM till 4 PM for any inquiry on: 1116060000 

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