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This document, as well as any other document mentioned herein, constitutes the legal text of the terms for the use of this webpage, along with the services offered hereby, concerning the purchase of products available through our e-shop.

Company Identity

This website/application is held by Utopia Egypt for publishing and distribution whose main office is at 52 Gezeirat Al Arab St., Giza, Egypt. Throughout its long presence in the field of education, Utopia Egypt has provided high quality teaching material, and has created this webpage/application in order to keep its clients informed, and enable them to make distance purchases, in accordance with the terms stated below.

Acceptance of Terms

Utopia Egypt, which is the legitimate and sole owner of this site, grants its users the limited, non-transferable and personal right to access and use its content in accordance with the specific terms and conditions of use stated on the site, as well as any law applicable in this case.

By using this site, you are automatically bound by these terms and conditions, which create a binding contract between you and Utopia Egypt, on the basis of which, you are only allowed the use of this site/application. Specifically, users are allowed to view, print and download material from this site for personal, non-commercial or educational use on the condition that they do not alter, remove or modify any registered trademark, copyright or any other property right included, or generally anything relating to copyright protection, and no other use, reproduction, public display or distribution for any commercial or public purpose is permitted.


Agreement of Purchase 

None of the information or details presented on this website constitutes a recommendation to buy by the company, but is provided for informative purposes for the users of this website, as well as the company’s clients.

The agreement to purchase through this website will be considered concluded only after the completion of your order, the approval of payment, and on condition that the company accepts the order.

By making use of this website, and by placing your orders for the company’s products, you confirm that you are above 18 years of age and fully eligible to make legal transactions and assume responsibility for financial matters. If that is not the case, the orders placed through this webpage will not be valid, nor will the company be responsible for fulfilling these orders, unless they are placed by the minor’s guardian.

Availability of Products

All the orders placed though this website are subject to the availability of the products at that specific time. The company makes every effort to keep you informed about the availability of products, and will immediately inform you, upon receipt of your order, if the products you have ordered are not available.


Execution of Orders

After browsing the website and choosing the products you are interested in by clicking on the link ‘Add to Shopping Cart’, you will be asked to proceed by completing and confirming your order by following the steps below:

1.      Approving the products ordered (main characteristics, price, quantity, discount if any, etc.)..

2.      Filling in a form with personal details (full name, business address, etc.).

3.      Selecting a payment method.

4.      Providing the details necessary for you to pay for your order, according to the manner of payment you selected in step 3.

5.      Unconditional acceptance of the terms of the sales agreement and website use, along with definitive confirmation of the order and acceptance of the obligation for payment of this order by selecting ‘ACCEPT’, when asked to do so. The company reserves its right to reject any order, to withdraw or modify any product presented on this website or state that is unable to process this order for any reason. 

Prices and Payment Method

Please be aware that all of the products offered in this app/website are authentic and all rights are reserved to the publishers cooperated with, please be careful that Utopia Egypt does not offer return or refund for a sold product under any circumstances. The price of each product is that presented on this website each time. 

Our prices are subject to change at the company’s discretion, but no confirmed order will be affected.

Our e-shop supports the payment method solely through credit card.